Your New Library Mobile App

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3!

  • Discover and request books, music, movies and more.
  • Explore ebooks and digital audiobooks.
  • Manage your account.
  • And more...

Minimum requirements: iOS 16 or Android OS 12.

1. Remove the Old "OSLRI" App

If you have the old "OSLRI" mobile app installed, be sure to delete that first.

2. Get the New App from Your App Store

Download our mobile app from the Apple App Store.

Download our mobile app from the Apple App Store.

Screen shot of OSL mobile app.

3. Get Started

We hope to create a nice video introduction soon!  For now, here's one from our friends from a Kansas library consortium to help you explore the new mobile app.



One-Time Setup

Your Library Account

Have your library card number and PIN handy.  You must select your library and login when you first open the app. If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact your library directly for assistance.

Set up / Manage Permissions for iOS Devices

You will be prompted to add permissions the first time running the App.

  1. Allow "Ocean State Libraries Mobile" to use your location? (to show nearby libraries)
    • Tap Allow While Using App.
  2. Additional permission requests will prompt as you use features throughout the app.

Set up / Manage Permissions for Android Devices

You will be prompted to add some permissions.  From the "App info" screen:

  1. Tap "Permissions" if you wish to grant access to:
    • Calendar (to add library events),
    • Camera (to scan barcodes),
    • Location (to show nearby libraries) and
    • Notifications.
  2. Return to the "App info" screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap "Modify system settings"
  4. Allow if you wish to enable the library card screen to automatically increase brightness for easy scanning at checkout.

Configure Your Notifications

  1. Tap "More".
  2. Tap "Preferences".
  3. Tap "Notifications".
Alternative to App

If your device is unable to run the Ocean State Libraries Mobile app, you may use the web version.  The catalog is "mobile responsive".  Visit your library catalog from your mobile device and use these instructions to create an icon on your home screen to easily access the catalog whenever you like.

A New App

Our old mobile app was malfunctioning, and our mobile app provider was unable to solve the problems.  Moving to the mobile app that is aligned with our new catalog was the best choice.

The new mobile app is under constant development with new features dropping throughout the year.  We are excited to watch the app grow.  If you have ideas, let us know!